Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Importance of Noses

Dear Fallen,
I recently got informed that noses are very important.
This is my contribution to this very serious matter and survival need: NosesA random important nose every time you complete the Ozimals Egg hunt. Hurry up, it lasts just a week! (16-23 April). Want to know more? Check the official website or simply visit the Magic of Oz
Hope you enjoy!
Your indepth specialist of rabbits, 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beyond the Pleasure Principle

We are born to struggle between Eros and Thanatos. The need for creation and reproduction where love nestles walks side by side with the pulsion to destroy and kill, the essence of war.

You might agree or not with Freud, but I hope you'll take a visit anyway to the War & Love 30L Fair, to celebrate the 4th Year of this series of events. I Am honoured to participate with the above mentioned Tattoo Gacha, with a discount over the Demon and Pixie Outfits and a little hunt gift which is a re-proposal of a past Anniversary special pendant.  

Be sure to smell the roses, admire Laufey Markstein's build and pan out, there's a surprise for those who can look into rocks. Hurry up, this event starts today 2 april and ends Sunday 6. Yours, as always,

SLurl to Event

Demos are also available at the Temple, if you have troubles accessing the Fair.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keep calm and... retire.

There is a major rework plan of all of my creations that I have in mind been years, but the hard part was always: how to start.
As many know I am some sort of skinmaking veteran, meaning that most of my skins were made when tattoo layers weren't available in SL (and some skins were made when there wasn't yet windlight). With this not new anymore wonderful tool I am now able to rework and offer most of my skins in a different format, so I am starting from foam. The old editions are available still for a month on retirement sale 50% off untill the 14 of april and Foam body styling tattoo layers at Genre are on release half price at the event untill the 14 of april also.
I know, was time.

What should you expect in this future months from me?
- More retirement sales, see it as spring cleaning, at least untill Fantasy Faire (May 1-11). 
- New ways to offer skin designs and body enchancements.
- Appliers, appliers, appliers.
- Past Fantasy Faire builds for sale
- A new Libertine set
- And surprises...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Golden Spring

A splash of Gold for "We love Roleplay" March Event, as always 50% discounted.
Hope you enjoy,

Event Location SLURL
Official Blog:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black marble, snakeskin and red velvet.

Materica Black Marble and Scales Terra Corruption for the loving February RP Event, as usual half price off. Enjoy Fallens, 

Event Location SLURL
Official Blog:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Applying Frost: The Attachment Physics

As the deep winter freezes our souls  we wait for the first rays of sun to warm us and bring us to life. But what if we could sleep in the ice, breath little crystals and smell the scent of ancient frozen caves where sun never melts the eternal Frosts? What if the only way to survive the atrocious and painful cold of a seemingly never ending winter would be becoming winter itself? Frosted lips and fingers, silent footstep on ice…. Materica's forgotten child is back.

The Skin Line gets enriched not only by the new Frost skintone but also by a hud driven set of appliers that cover Male and Female SLink feet and Hands, Lola Tango Breasts and Lotus male genitals. That’s one small step for  a skinline but one giant leap for Fallen Gods Inc.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wonderfully Frozen 2014

This New Year the Official Fallen Gods Incarnated Group reached more than 3000 Members, and as promised, to thank you for all your support, I wish you all the best with 6 special edition skins hoping to cover all your frozen tastes.
Thank You Fallens.
Alia Baroque

from Monday 6 till Thursday 9 January
(In those days the Group is Closed to Join)