Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fire & Water

New Pure tones with a little touch of glow for this February round of we love Roleplay.
Hope you enjoy,

SLurl to Event

Female Skin set Includes:
- system skin
- body & head appliers for: Omega, Slink, TheMeshProject
- Soul ear appliers
- Nails for SLink
- Loudmouth Applier
- Beta/Updates

Male Skin set includes:
- system skin
- body & head appliers for: Omega, Slink, TheMeshProject
- Soul ear appliers
- Nails for SLink
- Midnight Lotus Platinum Genitals
- Beta/Updates

Check Here Omega supported meshes:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fallen Patch Notes

Dear Fallen and customer,
Here's a list of a few fixes, patches and updates on my creations.
Thank you for your support and appreciation,
Alia Baroque

All news and updates can be found on:

- MALE RARES added Full body appliers for SLink and Omega.
- FEMALE RARES minor Omega applier fix: no detail on toes (better generic/maitreya fitting)
If you already own Rares and need an update, please check info at bottom of notecard.

- MALE RARES added Full body appliers for SLink and Omega.
- FEMALE RARES minor Omega applier fix: no detail on toes (better generic/maitreya fitting)
If you already own Rares and need an update, please check info at bottom of notecard.

OTHER Skin & Tattoos Gachas are temporarily retired
Most of the older sets do not include appliers, those Gachas will be re-released with appliers included. (Fables, Eros et Thanatos, Erin & Ragnar) Only Fable Rares (Lumina and Luminous) will be updated for free, the rest will require to be played for again.

Free Update shipped, if it gets capped get a redelivery by clicking any casper sale vendor or terminal.
- MALE SKINS added Full body appliers for SLink and Omega.
- FEMALE SKINS minor Omega applier fix: no detail on toes (better generic/maitreya fitting), loudmouth included.

ALL FULL BODY TATTOOS with no appliers are temporarily retired.
They will return fully loaded with appliers, those that already own some major tattoo set will be able to buy appliers separately at reduced cost.

ALL OUTFITS that use body layers are temporarily retired
They will return fully loaded with appliers.

ON REDEEMING Gacha Rare Updates
I ask you to please send me a folder with the unpacked rare elements, please rename it similar to UPDATE appliers for (your name and surname). I Also ask you to be patient as it might take me some time to get back to you, thanks for your understanding. Please do not contact me if you actually do not use the mentioned appliers. Please no permission change requests.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Ekaterina, a new release for Wayward Winter, a snowy soothing event for all lovers of sun and cold.
Every Coat comes with Hat and Handwarmer, and each piece is HUD texture change driven. Coats have a variety of 4 Furs, 4 leather belts in two colors and 12 gown fabrics that are the same for each coat color. Another collaboration I truly loved to do with Titania, Faida. Hope you enjoy, 

Wayward Winter Slurl

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


After a busy holiday season and a soul loss recently that shook me up, I had the luck to dive into work so to keep thoughts at bay. A beautiful project with Titania, where we almost ate each other (and no Skye, not in -that- way) but very happy with the result we didn't break-up. We are still waiting to get the chance for a Hourglass shaped rare so it might come to be eventually, but for now just standard sized are available, a demo for hourglass and an included one in the Exclusive Court.
Chaleur court and long, for The Epiphany Gacha Event.
We hope you enjoy,
Alia & Titania

The Epiphany Main Website,
The Epiphany Location

If you redeem the Long Exclusive please refer to me if Hourglass is released and I will provide it for you.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Goblin King is dead, long live the Goblin King

I never thought it will be possible, and I always hoped I'll meet him one day. I guess we'll meet somewhere I still don't know how it looks like. I watched Blackstar as it came out and some doubts and thoughts crossed my mind, it was his art, of course he could comunicate it, but I didn't really want to accept even the idea of Bowie not existing anymore. Here goes a piece of me I will need to fulfill with what he loved most: art.

I also do not see the point of selling creations related to him, so the skins, shape, makeup and gestures are free for you at the temple. They are now at the event board but I'll probably keep them forever free. Let's get through this,

Some old posts:

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Lord of Pengwings Wars

You are kindly invited to the legendary 4thish Pengwing Fishslapping Celebration, Today, 3rd January 2016, from 1pm to 4.30 pm slt (and maybe more), with Djs Da5id Abbot, Xavian Starsider and Ainemari Flanagan, at Selidor.

Fallen Gods New Years Party

Courtesy Picture Gallery by Deoridhe from last year
And some are getting ready for the event already...

 [03:09] Chandra Meehan: courtesy of Penguin Garden Cabaret

[13:19] AineMari Flanagan: imposing human moral requirements on fantasy avatars since 2007 - Fish silks!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best of Years

By Tradition for New Year I like to gift you a set of skins as a sign of gratitude for staying in the Group and with my best wishes for the coming New Year.I close the free access from New Year's eve till the 6th of January included. The skins will be free and/or discounted only if you are in the official group and on sale regularly after the celebration. Their current Location is comunicated through group. You are also  invited to Attend the Annual New Year Fishslapping Traditional Good Luck Ceremony. Sunday, January 3rd, 1 pm slt, Selidor (Djs Da5id Abbot, Ainemari Flanagan & Special Guest). With my best wishes for a fantastic New year,

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gifts, prizes, giving, taking and being late.

Two days to Christmas, eight days to the new year, and I am late... as always. This constant pending axe of lateness that is by now the characteristic of my work and methods is nothing new. I used to improve, I used to be better than this, but eventually due to over-achieving needs and over-sheduling by my inability to say no, I cross the limit of what I am capable of completing and get into the lateness whirlwind. Being superhuman, wanting to do better and wanting to do more is the reason, not my lack of respect toward organizers and customers. My personal belief is that I can make it in time, half of times I do, half of times I don't. I don't blame anyone but myself and my lack of judgment, so before the new year starts I want to apologize and I want to thank the people that tollerated this: my customers and followers that would return to events to check if I finished, for wasting their time and resources with my eternal gratitude for their patronage and support; the organizers that go by the name of Titania, Arica, Hephaeston, Skye, Voshie, Jennica which lost half nerves and zen with tolerating my last minute setups and sometimes over the last minute creative marketing techniques to not make me look as I am late (really, who am I fooling).
I want to apologize and hope that my ability to judge the time, resources and energy I have at hand next year will improve, for my own wellness sake too, and that there will be the new year of Balance ahead, of the infinite snake that can connect the creative dots and make me find the real things I want to do with my Lives.
Said that, I am late with the last releases at the midwinter fair...
...but hey: in between RL gift shopping and family ravels in 4 countries, I am managing to get it done. Next time Carver, do less, often less is more.
Wish you wonderful Holidays and thanks for coping with me,

And now the "really" important stuff:
- All claimed Contest and Anniversary Prizes and vouchers were delivered, with around a hundred total plus the hundred participation skin sets. If you still didn't hear from me for what you won, even if your claiming deadline was the First December I'll close a good eye and send you what you won of course, but am not going to check anymore from January on.
- Gifts are piling up under the Tree! And by tradition I'll keep the tree up till Epiphany, the 6th of January.
- Soon close to New Year's Eve the Fallen Group will close the ability to join till epiphany (returnign free to join after), so you can get your special New Year skins, be sure to keep it.
- 3 January the Infamous Penguin slapping party, scheduling hardcore the event of the year!
- I have really a lot of Customer Service to attend, lots of appliers to update and things of various to deal with, I am doing my best but can't speed it up, so please be patient as I get back to you. I'll be sure to send a notice when I dealt with everything so you know that if you didn't hear from me your message/note got capped.

And here's the music I will have to listen probably when my mother's side family get drunk after Christmas Eve's dinner and the traditional classical opera  music gets savaged and assaulted by my mother's taste (and volume) so that the rest of the family will just cry eventually and my step dad will try to shove on some Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, and me trying to tank through as he dps's the cds ahead.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Season of Warmth

Warmth is what we search for Holidays, in our bodies and souls and nothing warms more than relating to each other, relating to the ones we enjoy the company and mutual souls. Temple's Yule Season is officially started.

Tonight the Festivities will start with the wonderful Yule themed show by “ The Night Theatre”, at 2 pm slt, in Selidor’s frozen bay. I also heard that Tinies might come over the Islands Caroling during this week, and maybe even tonight! Many gifts are already under the Tree and more am sure will come till the 25th, I have for you some past year’s face tattoos and a new one and some Libertine d├ęcor hoping you will enjoy! Special Ornaments for your tree are only at the Temple too and so some other gifts related to We Love Roleplay and the Midwinter Fair, but most important of all: I have some amazing Friends that did setup as every year with gifts for you and their best wishes! So be sure to pay them a visit and check their trees and stores after you harvest the Temple. 
With hopes we will have a wonderful Holiday Season together and that you will enjoy the Temples Festive atmosphere and treats, I wish you a Merry Fallenmas,
*** The Fallen Yule Schedule of Events***
(Tiny Caroling will be improvised and announced through Group)

*20 December 2015, Sunday*
2 pm slt - “The Night Theatre” Show
*21 December 2015, Monday*
Delivery of the late runners Prizes for Anniversary and Contest
*22 December 2015, Monday*
Last Releases for Midwinter Fair, late but hopefully worth again.
Postponed till futher notice
*30 December 2015, Wednesday*
Fallen Gods Inc. Official Group will be closed to join till the 4th of January for the Yearly Special Group Gift, a long time Tradition.
Also Last Day to get your We Love Roleplay Gifts and Sales.
*30 December 2015, Wednesday*
Midwinter Fair Ends
*3 January 2016, Sunday*
1 pm slt -  The Annual Traditional Fishslapping Party, also known as "WTF Penguins"
Djs, herrings and ice.
*6 January 2016, Wednesday*
Last Yule day and your chance to get your gifts under the Tree
*7 January 2016, Thursday*
Group will be open to Join again

Gift Previews

(And Look what Xavian has for you together with some ornaments...)

Me and Private are already excited about the show.

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Touch of Winter

This year's December Round of We Love Roleplay is really rich: features a Hunt, Gifts from under the Trees, New Releases of winter, Yule and beauty. From me you will get new editions of wintery themed skin sets, Pure Ice tone and a Frost Ice rework and tattoos for your hands and feet, Star Touch and Winter Touch. Hope you enjoy,

Ice, Pure and Frost are on sale at the Event
Single skin sets are 30%off, while the special pack of both skins is 40%
Star Touch
10L Hunt Gift at We Love Roleplay
Winter Touch, Hands & Feet
Hands are a gift under the tree at the event, Feet are a gift under the tree at the Temple
Retirement and Updates
Materica Frost and Ice Elves (skins, outfits and full avatars) are permanently retired, if you still enjoy the skins and need mesh body and head appliers I will set them for sale next week at the appliers area.
Ice Crystal Ouftit is retired and under rework, will be sold again with set of appliers included.
Yule Temple Preparations
Helpers are at work.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Celebration

A tradition that we in Europe do not celebrate but which I decided to embrace just because it has the word Black in it (pure truth) and allows me to fill the Temple with Black doomsday Banners of despair. It might be also a wonderful opportunity to allow discounts of each of my skin line if anyone wishes to try something new: in a virtual world where stocks are infinite, the concept of Black Friday takes a new turn, so without considering myself a greedy bastard I'll try to wrestle my conscience for the second year in a row and just think do like some discounts. Hope you Enjoy!

Skin Addiction Black Friday Weekend
- Wear the Skin Addiction Group tag to gain a 30% refund, click any black banner to join the group.
- Pick the Gender divided DEMO PACKS, with all the skins on sale
- Find glowy teal circled vendors with the Skin Addiction green tag
- 80 Skins on Sale, at least one type from each skin line.
- 27 to 29 November 2015

At Selidor:

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Name of Pleasure

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open: the November Round is live and full sim waves leave little room to jump in, so I wish you good luck to access this wonderful creative madness of stalls and boots and talents and Ideas. I am happy to be part of it again with two gachas, Golem & Plaisir.
Hope you enjoy!

SLurl to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Golem Skin Set Rares 2 for Each Gender, Separate Machines for Gender
Each Skin Set Includes: system skin, body & head appliers for:Omega, Slink, TheMeshProject, Soul ear appliers; Nails for SLink; Midnight Lotus Platinum Genitals for men.
Name of the Golem Commons 9 Unisex Tattoo Colors, Same Tattoos in Each Machine
Each Tattoo Set Includes System Body Tattoo and 2 System Head Options, Full And Face only. System Layers are Tintable. Body Appliers for: Omega, Slink, Themeshproject.

Avec Plaisir 2 Rares & 1 Ultrarare
Rares and Ultrarare come with a Color Hud allowing 18 texture options for many different combinations. Corset can be worn on its own and also matches common skirts.
Faire Plaisir 14 Commons
Each Common set comes with skirt and top in the same pack, unlinked.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pure Moss

A new Round of We Love Roleplay, a new Pure tone: Moss. Added to the event roll also an Origins Makeup, born with the First Generation Orcs: the Warpaint face tattoo, A small step towards retirement and re edition of the green people. As usual New releases are 30% off, hope you enjoy,

We Love Roleplay SLurl

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A H(a)unted November

November is the month of Hunting, bringing you a Quest, a Firestorm spook and more eternity. Firestorm's viewer Spooky Hunt starts Today as the Krampus, a Dandelion Daydream Factory Quest, both lasting the whole of November, and the Eternal Hunt will keep us company till the 21. Don't forget this weekend are also the last days to get your free Infinity Avatar (which will be on regular sale after), check the Eternal Market, see the Contest Participants pictures and the amazing Wayward Gacha Carnival and Epiphany Gacha. Happy Halloween Fallen Horrors, 
The (year long) Flesh Carver

Firestorm Spooky Nights
Krampus, DDDF Quest
Eternal Hunt
Infinity Fortunes
Eternal Market

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Galaxy of Winners

Dear Fallen,
Thank you so much for being again part of this Anniversary Festival and Contest, I hope you had fun and we'll repeat this next year after an eternal year.
The Flesh Carver

★ All contestants will receive a limited edition skin for participating. ★
I am sending tonight to all the participants already a message and the box:
SIDERA Psy Galaxy + Fallen Gods Inc. [BOX]
If the delivery got capped please let me know and I will manually drop the prize to you.


- Create a Notecard, 
- Rename it this way: FG2015 PRIZE <Your Name> (No Display names please, username)
- State inside the notecard your prize choice, please use demos always and be sure to put all the skin or pack details (Ex. Materica female Frost)
- APPLIERS: Please be sure if you need appliers that they are ALREADY provided: even if I am already working to cover all old skins with body and head appliers I won't be doing customs or set priorities.
- Drop the notecard to Alia Baroque (DEADLINE: 1st December, I will consider every claim afterwards invalid unless for a serious reason)

IMPORTANT: Please be patient folks as I hand prizes manually over to you, it may take me some time. Absolutely feel free to check on me if I received your notecards though!
Prizes are Nominal, they are delivered only to the participating avatar.

♱  JURY  ♱

▶ First Prize: Halfwraith Caerndow
Fallen God or Goddess Title and One Full skin line (example: all Dryads, one gender)
▶ Second Prize: Liang Scorpio
1 Skin color pack (example: Dryads Arboreals, one gender)
▶ Third Prize: Cayenne Republic
3 skins of choice
▶ Runner up: Sunny Difference
1 skin of choice

▶ First Prize: Cuge Causten
Fallen God or Goddess Title and One Full skin line (example: all Dryads, one gender)
▶ Second Prize: Lee Mechanique
1 Skin color pack (example: Dryads Arboreals, one gender)
▶ Third Prize: Gargieux
3 skins of choice
▶ Runner up: Lavenderelf Sorbet
1 skin of choice


▶ First Prize: MysticLadyNL
One Full skin line (example: all Dryads, one gender)
▶ Second Prize: WynnWycked
1 Skin color pack (example: Dryads Arboreals, one gender)
▶ Third Prize: Lyla Luminos
3 skins of choice
▶ Runner up: Addison Summerwind
1 skin of choice

▶ First Prize: Guillermo275 Crazyboi 
One Full skin line (example: all Dryads, one gender)
▶ Second Prize: Drake Vyceratops
1 Skin color pack (example: Dryads Arboreals, one gender)
▶ Third Prize: Cuge Causten 
3 skins of choice
▶ Runner up: Xaver Zapatero
1 skin of choice


Major Category Awards
First Prize: Ursula Floresby, Lenien, Aelva
3 skins of choice
Second Prize: Serenity Couerblanc, Cale Alcott, Midge Quan
2 skins of choice
Third Prize: Suddennightfall, Chandni Khondji, LiliMango
1 skin of choice

Prize for each of the Following Awards: One skin by Choice.
Sinafay Nexen, Paystreak, Sin Snowfield, Samanthe Mirror, DraconisMetallix, Lestorn
Niobe Flux, Triana Mills
Rynn Verwood, Gargieux
Delenara, Fawkes Allen
Aznana Shieldmaiden, Throgrim Carter
Nyree Rain, Sukubia Scamon
Jester Eternal, Eve Gaelyth
Cayenne Republic, Da5id Abbot
IthilwenRose, ELeni Heliosense
Skye Fairywren, Sethicor Islay
Deoridhe Quandry, Thomasathranor
Keeper Coeur, Oxygen Staryk

Prize for each of the Following Awards: One Face Makeup by Choice
Nightstarr191, ZynWyrwing (10 Votes)
MoonliteCat, MariaCatrine, Alania Darkwatch, xxsyrenxx, Midge Quan (10 votes)


Fallen Gods:
Guillermo275 Crazyboi 95
Drake Vyceratops 84
Cuge Causten 48
Xaver Zapatero 38
Gargieux 32
Cale Alcott 28
Fenn MacMoragh 25
Thorgrim Carter 25
Jester Eternal 20
Lee Mechanique 19
Da5id Abbot 19
GraveEater Xaron 18
Cashissin 17
Fawkes Allen 17
Zymmon Weir 16
Oxygen Staryk 16
Void Ashbourne 16
Lestorn 16
Lenien 15
Triana Mills 15
Jens Ixchel 15
Linn Darkwatch 14
Brian1964 Galicia 14
Cricket Crabe 13
Laef Bravin 13
Paystreak 13
Thomasathranor 13
Lavenderelf Sorbet 13
Sylain 12
Sethicor Islay 12
Nightstarr191 11
ZynWyrwing 11

Fallen Goddesses:
MysticLadyNL 90 
WynnWycked 89 
Lyla Luminos 46 
Addison Summerwind 32 
Gwen Enchanted 28
Dragon Fang 27
Sukubia Scarmon 25
Yuna Yuadl 25
Rynn Verwood 25
Cayenne Republic 25
Liang Scorpio 22
Chandni Khondji 22
Halfwraith Caerndow 22
keeper Coeur 21
Susan Independent 20
Issobelle Brimm 20
Sintowin 20
Samanthe Mirror 19
LiliMango 18
Eve Gaelyth 18
Delenara 18
Sunny DIfference 18
Aznana Shieldmaiden 18
Ursula Floresby 17
Skye Fairywren 17
Shari Cortes 16
Magdalena Kamenev 16
Serenity Couerblanc 16
Sin Snowfield 16
Aelva 16
Melyna Foxclaw 15
IthilwenRose 15
ArwennEvenstarUndomiel 15
DraconisMetallix 15
Kerryth Tarantal 14
Ironkatie 14
Blueray Darkes 14
Sinafay Nexen 14
Shadowsage Constantine 14
Jenny Toocool 14
Isa Rovio 13
Nyree Rain 13
Thalia Lupindo 13
ElvenLady 13
Leia Cale 13
Kitiara Spingflower 13
Aradia Mistwood 13
Amethyst Dovgal 13
Deoridhe Quandry 12
Eleni Heliosense 12
Suddennightfall 12
darkchangeling 12
Elpeo Perl 12
CloverDunne 12
Heartly33 12
Vickie Maidstone 12
Niobe Flux 12
Emilly Orr 11
ZetaEbonscale 11
Kimmie Banufong 11
Moonlight Summerwind 11
Mondi Beaumont 11
MoonliteCat 10
MariaCatrine 10
Alania Darkwatch 10
xxsyrenxx 10
Midge Quan 10

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Eternal Hunt

Start your "eternal" journey through a grid wide Stamp Hud Hunt: buy your free HUD fill the eternity bar and collect the Prizes. The Festival might be over but we continue the celebration till Halloween: The Infinity Avatars and Market will be available till All Saints, while the Eternal Hunt lasts till November 21!

Starting Point SLURL: Buy your Hud at Selidor
There are many vendors scattered through the Festival Market area, one near the Fortune Teller and one at the Events board.

How to Hunt
Wear your Hud and it will prompt you to the first location, find the Infinity symbol and click it, you must be close enough to do so. Fill the Eternity bar and Collect your prizes!

This year too I wish to show you what I am fond of, as people and creators, in Second Life. I have wonderful friends that are worth visiting, and some are quite sadistic in Hunt item hiding apparently... which I approve! (As long I am not the Hunter). The Hunt starts as me alone providing a final gift and asking friends if they would like to host the stamp item in their stores, so people have to travel through the grid and then collect the prize... but every year I Am blessed with a bunch of crazy folks wanting to donate a gift, their imagination and creativity. So here's all the prizes of this year's Hunt!

Thank You Friends, for everything.

A special Thanks goes to Encaitaron Korobase of Solarium from scripting the HUD and making his pet James bite me so I can keep focused. Please Visit Solarium, best place for Magic Huds and more!

Visit Solarium

Prize Previews

The Sidera Starbon skinsets will be sold normally after the Hunt.